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To increase the chances of recovering an abducted child or a child kidnapped by a parent, it's essential to act now.
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We deliver the help you need to recover your abducted child 

Child Kidnapping and abduction recovery specialists

If your child has been abducted by a non-custodial parent or relative, take control and contact the child recovery specialists at Child Abduction Recovery International for immediate assistance. We understand what you’re going through and the right steps to take. In operation for more than 35 years, Child Abduction Recovery International is one of the most professional and highly specialized organizations in the world, focused exclusively on the successful recovery of children from non-custodial family members who have illegally abducted them in the U.S. or internationally.

If you haven’t been able to get your child back through law enforcement agencies and your attorney says to file a Hague action, which is usually a failure and waste of time and money, contact Child Abduction Recovery International NOW.  We can take action to successfully recover your child.

Parental abduction has become a worldwide crisis.  Laws mandate the role of law enforcement, but most agencies have limited time and funds and some even say they can’t get involved – leaving your child living the life of a fugitive with the abducting parent or relative.


Time is of the essence. There are several groups, primarily based in the U.S., operating underground railroads that help abductors to take children across state lines, leave the country, and virtually disappear. You need to TAKE ACTION.

There are an estimated 350,000 family abductions annually in the U. S. - U.S. Justice Dept The Child Abduction Recovery Specialists network is worldwide. We’ve recovered hundreds of children from situations like yours. We’ve been in operation longer than any other private agency within this specialty, operating today. We have the expertise and the resources to bring your child home.

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