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Recovering Parentally abducted children worldwideChild Abduction Recovery International has specialized in recovering parent-abducted children for over 35 years. We truly understand the kind of emotional upheaval that the children and the custodial parents endure when a child is abducted. The psychological trauma of these kinds of cases is very real, and that’s why one of the basic tenets of the way we do business is confidentiality and respect for what you’re going through.

Sure, we could use the media attention to grow our business. But, camera crews and photo shots don’t help the situation when recovering a child from an abduction ordeal. Our clients know we take their privacy seriously. And that’s why, even though we've recovered a number of high profile children, we won't divulge who they were or provide details of any specific case.

If you’re looking for some illustrative examples of our depth of experience, we offer these narratives from our years of accomplishments, without giving away identifying details about who was involved.

Keep this in mind. The underground network available to assist non-custodial parents who are on the run is extensive. Don’t sit back while your children are shuttled around like fugitives, for months or years.

  • When a California couple divorced, the father was awarded sole custody of their son. The same day, the mother abducted the child and fled to Mexico. She let the boy’s hair grow out, colored it, and cut it in a girl’s pageboy style. She gave him a female name and for two years made him dress in girl’s clothing. The father contacted Child Abduction Recovery International. We set up surveillance on the mother and when she returned to the U.S. with the child to visit family, our agents contacted authorities who immediately arrested her and took custody of the boy. The traumatized boy was reunited with his custodial father who secured counseling for his son.

Time is of the essence. Parentally abducted children are helpless on their own and confused by the irrational and sometimes abusive acts of non-custodial parents who are supposed to have their best interests in mind. Child Abduction Recovery International has the manpower and the know-how to rigorously cover all avenues, and bring your child home.

  • An Ohio man returned home from work to find that his foreign-born wife had left their home and returned to her native Argentina with their American-born son. He traveled to Argentina to try to convince her to return, but she refused. Back in Ohio, he worked with his attorney and filed to get sole custody of the child, which was granted. His wife still refused to let the boy return home. The man’s attorney had a contempt of court warrant issued against the woman for failure to comply with the Ohio order. The warrant was put on the NCIC computer, and the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires sent out a staff member to meet with the woman. She promptly moved. The father went back to his lawyer who contacted an attorney in Buenos Aires who proceeded to file a Hague action. More wasted money. The Court determined the child should be returned to the U.S. Nothing more was done by the foreign government and invoking the Hague had done no good. The father contacted Child Abduction Recovery International. We located and staked-out the woman’s new residence, waiting for the opportune time to recover the child. It came when the child was in the playground of his school. We put the boy on a plane with his father home to Ohio.

Many countries allow their courts to make custody decisions concerning the child, irrespective of custody orders made in this country.  These custody decisions may be based on gender or nationality rather than the child's best interests, often to the detriment of the child and the American parent. - U.S. Justice DeptGetting the right legal support is important, but it’s to your ultimate advantage to get immediate help from professionals experienced in parentally abducted child recovery. The agents of Child Abduction Recovery International can not only offer valuable advice, we can do what your lawyers won’t do. Local police and charitable organizations don’t have the people in the field to do the work needed on your behalf. While the Hague is an extremely well intentioned agreement, in better than 90% of the cases it is unable to successfully bring the kids home. The Hague can actually damage your case. Call Delta and ask us how.

  • Considering that the Hague Convention was founded in the Netherlands, we were surprised to receive a communication from an agency in the Hague requesting assistance in recovering a child from Egypt. A father had taken his child from their home in Belgium, saying he was going for a family visit to Cairo. Shortly thereafter, he called the child’s mother to say he wasn’t returning. The agency contacted Child Abduction Recovery International. As our Cairo agent was also a lawyer, he obtained the necessary documents to exit the child from Egypt. Child Abduction Recovery Specialists arranged for the mother and child to be covertly transported to Israel, fly out of Tel Aviv and relocate with new identities.

Child Abduction Recovery International is able to avail itself of computer and non-computer data repositories and work in tandem with local authorities to successfully recover your child.

  • A father returned home to find the house empty, the bank account drained and his wife and child gone. A neighbor approached the father and told him that his wife mentioned she was going back to Venezuela. Letters the wife left behind in the trash included her parents’ address in Caracas. Child Abduction Recovery International has agents who are former military police from the area. We dispatched them to set up a recovery. After several days, while the child’s mother was at her new job, a pretext was used to get the child from her grandmother and the girl was rushed out of the country with her father.

Child Abduction Recovery International has a large network of specialists and makes use of the best recovery operatives in the industry.

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