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Recovering Parentally Abducted ChildrenChild Abduction Recovery International was formed in 1973 after our principal agent received a request from a Superior Court Judge asking for his assistance in recovering an abducted child and subsequently, having his own child abducted soon after being legally appointed the proper custodial parent. He became painfully aware that there was, in fact, an underground network that helps the abductors and potentially puts children in harm’s way.

These events focused the agent’s attention on the need for an organization to specialize in recovering parentally abducted children across the U.S. and internationally. At the time, there was no such group anywhere. Today, the Child Abduction Recovery Specialists network is available to help you bring your child home.

How we differ from other agencies

Every year, hundreds of children in the United States are victims of international parental kidnapping -- a child's wrongful removal from the United States, or wrongful retention in another country, by a parent or other family member.  U.S. Justice DeptSince we entered the field more than 35 years ago, other organizations claiming to specialize in parental abduction recovery have come onto the scene. There are other web sites full of photos of purported clients, along with detailed stories of harrowing recoveries. In the real world, our clients are strictly confidential, and we would never divulge the identity, much less a photo, of any client or the details of any recovery.

Child abduction is a serious matter. Beware of sensationalism and boastful claims while seeking help to recover your child.

True specialists

We'll find and recover your child.We do not take private investigation, security or bodyguard assignments. We don't handle adult kidnappings or non-familial child kidnappings. We don’t come on-site wearing military camouflage or brandishing weapons. We have a staff of specialists focused on a single purpose – the recovery of children abducted by parents or relatives. This work is primarily covert, and we manage each case based on its unique circumstances and with painstaking attention to detail. Your child’s emotional and physical well-being is always our number one priority.

International parental abduction has become an out-of-control issue with no solution in sight. Unfortunately, like so many have encountered, you may find that the well-intentioned Hague Convention has so many loopholes that short of a well-orchestrated recovery by a professional agency, your child may become an unwilling citizen of a foreign country. If you don’t get help to reclaim your child, his or her future may well be that of a fugitive, always on the run with the abducting parent or relative. Within the U.S., an effective “underground” is available to aide non-custodial parents. In most cases, these self-appointed “do-gooders” have never been in contact with the custodial parent and have relied only on what the abductor has told them. It is rarely the truth.

Don’t wait. To recover your child, it is necessary to be proactive vs. reactive and utilize today’s technology to accelerate the safe return of abducted children. We have the latest technology available to us, and a network of experts to use it. We maintain contact with groups worldwide that are, in any way, involved in the recovery of abducted children. We are able to analyze your case, put a plan into action and mobilize to bring your child home. Call us today.

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